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Articles > Cedar Shingles Wall Siding

There are many products you can install on your walls for your house siding, but if you want a beautiful natural look, you must go with eastern white  cedar shingles . Installing cedar shingles as siding is 100% environmentally friendly because our cedar shingles are entirely made from Eastern White Cedar. No steel, no plastic or other products that cause lots of air emissions are used by Waska to manufacture their products. They have an ecological mind. Also, all of their residues are used to make by-products, so they don't have any waste. 

Installing  cedar shingles as wall siding is easy if you follow Waska's installation guide. Every step are explained so you can do a good job that will last. Your building will look amazing. Cedar shingles are good insulation material as well, so you will save on your energy bills. You will certainly not regret having wood wall siding made with cedar shingles.

All our eastern white  cedar shingle  products are made from uniform cedar shingles meaning that all shingles are the same width making any job stand out from the rest. Cedar wood siding is environmentally friendly and manufactured with a conscience.

Waska is a  cedar shingles  and cedar products specialist. They have been working in this field for many years and they have acquired experience and expertise. They manufacture all their cedar products themselves, cedar shingles for roofing or siding, laths, snow fences and sand fences.

Renovating? Why not buy cedar shingle siding for your home?

Articles> Eastern White Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles  are made from split logs harvested from Eastern White Cedars. They are used for wood wall siding and wood roofing. The benefits of using white cedar shingles are that they are made of 100% wood. It means that they come from a renewable resource. Trees can be planted, harvested and planted again. Wood is also biodegradable. Since cedar shingles are made from wood, the air emissions to produce them are low. Also, using cedar shingles as white cedar roofing or white cedar siding can save high amounts of energy. They have the highest insulation value of any wood substitutes. At the end, using cedar shingles consume less energy for the manufacturer and help to conserve energy for the user. 

Waska is a major eastern white cedar shingle manufacturer since 1969. They know what they are talking about! They produce about 70,000 squares of white cedar shingles every year. Their clients come from the United States, Ontario, Quebec and Maritime provinces. A lot of people benefits from those products. Waska offers all grades of cedar shingles to meet the different needs of their customers. They can choose from the  Victorian SeriesPre-Finished Cedar Shingles  and  Natural Cedar Shingles . We offer uniform cedar shingles so your cedar roofing or white cedar siding will stand out from the rest.

Exterior Siding

To give a fabulous new look to your house or your building, you should use wood wall siding made from  cedar shingles . In addition, it will help to save energy, to keep your building cool in summer and warm in winter because wood is a good natural insulator. Wood is biodegradable and in the manufacturing process, it produces less air emissions than plastic, steel, or aluminum. After your building will be covered with wood siding you will be able to say that your choice was “100% Green”.

Waska offers a great range of styles, finishes and colors of cedar shingles. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of products to bring your project to life. Since Waska manufactures all of their products from start to finish, you can be sure that we only offer the best quality white cedar shingles. They also offer a 40-year warranty against wood decay. You can consult their Installation Guide to learn more about the selection and installation of the cedar shingles for a roof or as wall siding. Covering your house or your building with cedar siding from Waska is a winning combination.

Renovating? Why not buy cedar shingle siding for your home?

Wood wall siding

Wood brings a charm to everything it is associated with. Having a building or a house covered in wood wall siding adds value to it. Wood siding can make it rustic, sophisticated, or rich looking. It all depends on which grade, style, finish, and color you choose. And there is a lot to choose from at Waska. Since they manufacture all of their wood products (cedar shingles), they make sure at every steps that their products are of the highest grade. They choose to work with wood products to respect the environment. They use 100% of the residues from their operations to create by-products. Wood is biodegradable, is a renewable resource and makes less air emissions than producing steel, aluminum, or plastic. Using wood wall siding reduces the use of energy to keep a building warm in winter and cool in summer because wood is a great natural insulation material. So, we can say that cedar shingles are the best products to use to cover a house, from the roof to the walls.   

Waska has a wide variety of white cedar shingles to choose from. They have the Victorian Series, the Pre-Finished shingles, and the natural shingles. Within those series, you have an array of choices for the grade, the finish, the color, and the style. Your wood wall siding will be perfect and even better than your expectations.

Renovating? Why not buy cedar shingle siding for your home?

Natural Easter White Cedar will bring a new look to you house and bring the value of your house up. It will also help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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