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What are the benefits of using Waska white cedar shingles for roofing and siding?

The natural beauty of cedar can be enhanced with a variety of different finishes or left in its natural state. The superior benefits of building with cedar have been known for hundreds of years. In fact, as roofing or siding material, nothing outperforms Eastern White Cedar. Its natural qualities enable it to resist the elements better than any other material available.

Does white cedar shingles increase home value?

As a premium siding material, cedar shingles are the preferred material for finer homes. As a result, homes covered in cedar command a premium price.

What kind of nails do you use for cedar shingles?

We recommend stainless or hot-dipped galvanized steel nails, ring shank blunt tip nails with minimum 7/32" head.

For the staples, we recommend stainless steel 304 or 316 gauge (within 15 miles/24 kilometers of salt water) or aluminum with a minimum of 7/16"crown and a minimum of 16 gauge.

Do not use electrogalvanized fasteners.

What is the difference between regular and R&R shingles?

R&R cedar shingles edges are squared to eliminate on-site shaving for time-saving installation. They are also rebutted to ensure a perfect finish for exceptional natural beauty and quality.

How durable are cedar shingles? What can they resist to?

Cedar shingles are able to resist to heavy rain, strong winds, hail, snowstorms, and other severe weather.  They are also very long lasting. Roofs made out of cedar shingles can usually last 20-30 years with proper maintenance. Cedar lasts at least 10 years longer than common roofing materials, like asphalt. Furthermore, cedar is self preserving without the need for harsh chemicals. It is also anti-termite.

Do cedar shingles offer any insolation? /Can I reduce my energy bill with cedar shingles?

Cedar is a naturally insulating material that can provide twice the amount of insulation as other materials. This allows you to conserve home heating and significantly save on energy bills. Also, as siding, cedar acts as an effective sound barrier from outside noise.

Why use Eastern White Cedar shingles instead of Western Red Cedar shingles?

Eastern white cedar tends to last longer because of the oil that resides within the wood. Said oil increases rot resistance. Overall, Eastern White Cedar shingles can last up to a decade longer.

What is the recommended exposure? Can I go more than that/less?

We recommend an exposure of 5". An exposure of 4" and up to 5½" is also acceptable. 


What is the difference between Raw and KD? What do you recommend using and when?

Raw shingles have not been dried. They will dry with time once installed. Can be used for sidewall and roofing.

Kiln dried shingles have been factory dried to obtain a certain degree of humidity, below 20%. This is preferable when being factory coated or if you want the paint the shingles right away without having to wait for them to dry. Can be used as sidewall and roofing.

What is a bevelled shingle and when is it recommended to be used?

Bevelled shingles have had the butt cut at a 45-degree angle. This gives the shingles the allure of thickness and also helps in water run off.

What are the dimensions of your shingles (length, thickness, width)

Thickness: ±3/8"

Length: ±16"

Width: 3½" to 10"

What do you recommend for roofing?

We recommend Grade A/Extra R&R either natural/raw, KD or pre-finished with Weathering Stain. We also recommend verifying with your local or regional building code beforehand.

Where can I purchase touch up stain if I run out? I need to re-stain my shingles, what product do you recommend?

To re-stain cedar shingles, the following is a list of Waska-recommended products. These are available in big box and hardware stores, and wherever exterior wood stain products aresold.

Manor Hall®: Exterior paint, 100% acrylic latex, eggshell finish (USA)

Dulux Diamond: Exterior paint, 100% acrylic latex, satin finish (Canada)

Be sure to have the original color number on hand, and if possible, a sample of the original shingle. Keep in mind that the original color of your siding may have faded over the years.

What’s the best way to maintain your cedar shingles?What’s the best way to maintain your cedar shingles?

1.     Clean Shingles - Waska recommends using a solution of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. You can also add 1oz of Dawn dish liquid to increase infectiveness. Apply it with a pump sprayer let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing the soap with a garden hose. Be sure to keep the hose pointed downward to avoid forcing water up behind the shingles.
Do not use a pressure washer.

2.     Refinish Shingles - After the wood has dried (normally 2–4 days), you can let the wood age naturally or apply any coating of choice.

       3.     Repeat

Can I paint over Weathering StainTM or Eco BleachTM shingles?

We don’t recommend it, but if you must, we suggest waiting approximately 6 months before painting over them.

When fastening wider shingles, should I insert more than two nails?

For shingles up to 8", a max of 2 nails/staples should be inserted. On wider shingles, a fastener can be driven near the middle of the shingle.

Where and how should I store my uninstalled shingles?

  • Store shingles in a cool, dry, and ventilated location.
  • Shingles should remain on a pallet. They should not come in direct contact with the ground or concrete.
  • Place a cover on the shingles at the end of your work day.

How long should I wait before staining my raw shingles?

We recommend that staining can begin once your cedar shingles feel and look dry. Also ensure that the weather permits it. It is best to stain your shingles within a two to three month period from being installed.

What can happen if I don’t use the recommended exposure?

It will increase the chances of shingles buckling, bowing and cupping.

How much space should I leave between raw shingles?

Space shingles at least 1/16" – 1/4" apart if they are factory coated. If the shingles are raw/not KD, they can be installed closer together.

How many nails/staples do I need to cover 1 square of shingles (4 bundles)?

Approximately 1200 nails/staples per square (5" exposure).

That is why Waska cedar shingles are the best choice for you!